Miriam Pauline Busch


I´m Miriam Pauline Busch from Hamburg. I am fascinated by the manifold molecular processes in the human body, which led me to obtain a BSc degree in Biology and a MSc degree in Molecular Life Science. From September 2022 onwards I will be a member of the EVIDENCE network.

Reason for joining

After my master studies I was unsure whether I wanted to pursue a doctoral degree or if I would prefer to find an alternate way into work life. I knew that if I were to go on a PhD journey, I would want to do it in an environment that really gives me the chance to grow scientifically. I applied to the Life Science Zurich Graduate School and on their platform I read about the open position in the EVIDENCE project as an ESR investigating erythrocytes and their ion channels. Joining the Research Fellowship Programme of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions is the opportunity I was looking for and it gives me a chance to work in an interdisciplinary environment and exchange knowledge and ideas with people in this network.


I will study the influence of redox state on red blood cell properties. In the process I expect to learn new and innovative techniques to produce a model that allows me to modulate the redox state of erythrocytes and to then use this model to further study channel activity and rheology of red blood cells under different conditions.

On a more personal note, the broad offered experience and collaboration within EVIDENCE will help me to determine my future career options which hopefully leads me to the job of my dreams.

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