Amira Idrizovic

Amira I.

My name is Amira Idrizovic and I come from Montenegro, a small county in the heart of Balkan. Since I was very curious child and my childhood dream was to study science, that dream led me to obtain my BSc degree in Genetics and Bioengineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2 years later, I obtained my MSc degree in Genetics and Molecular biology in Pavia, Italy.

Furthermore, following my passion and curiosity for science and research, I applied for a PhD position within EVIDENCE project.

Reason for joining

During both my BSc and MSc studies, I was always very interested in molecular biology and genetics and I assumed that both my educational background and work related duties qualified me for joining this team.

The research toward novel discoveries in the field of RBCs, improvement of treatment strategies, better and easier diagnostics and the genetic approach were all combined in the project that I am now part of.

In addition, in my opinion, MSCA is one of the best opportunities to succeed in scientific world. It gives us many opportunities as young researchers to travel and learn from the best in this field. Different collaborations and strong international networking are amazing for preparing us for further career and scientific maturation.


I am part of the team based in Barcelona, specifically at the Vall d´Hebron University Hospital. The objective of my study is to combine various methods and approaches for stratification of patients, for personalized medicine. In addition, I hope that with my secondments in different scientific sectors, I will learn a lot and apply that knowledge to reach my goal.

At the end of my project, I hope that my results will make an impact and improvement in science, for both healthcare system and the patients´ quality of life, to make it easier for them to bear with the complications that come with the disease.

Finally, I want to be ready to enter the scientific world and make big contributions for its improvement, since I do not see EVIDENCE only as a research project, but also a career development fellowship.