Robert Seute


I'm Robert Seute and I was born in Germany. I did my Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Since January 2021 I'm a member in the EVIDENCE network in which I'm working as a PHD student for L'EFS in Marseille, France.

How to get to know this grant

After finishing my master's degree in 2020 I asked myself if I wanted to do a PhD or if I shall start working directly after my master instead. I took some time to think about my personal goals and finally decided to do a PhD, but only abroad in order to gain additional experiences next to the scientific skills. After all decisions were made, I searched and found the job description in the Science job portal. By reading about the network, I was directly drawn to its interdisciplinary topics.

Reason for joining

Next to the interdisciplinary topics of the EVIDENCE Network I joined the network to follow my passion for natural science and also to help people by generating knowledge in the medical field. Furthermore, by joining a European network I can represent their values of collaboration, equality and community.


My expectations for a PhD is working independently, while still under supervision, on a research topic. Thereby projects are driven forward by developing methods, troubleshooting problems and generating data. Additionally, driving the projects forward also leads to personal development such as in project management, supervision and professional expertise (Haematology and interdisciplinary subjects). Therefore, at the end of a PhD you should be prepared to be an independent scientist, and be able to take over topics on your own, supervise students and develop any research project no matter what field you originally studied.