Aishwarya Mellalakari

Aishwarya Mellalakari

My name is Aishwarya Mellalakari from and I am from India. I am a PhD student at Institute for Bioengineering of catalunya(IBEC) in Barcelona, Spain. I am one of the MSCA ITN Fellow. My program here is funded by European union and program acronym is EVIDENCE.

Reason for joining


I did my B.Tech and in Nanotechnology. During my B.Tech I got introduced to the field of research. I enjoyed working in the lab. Since then my journey to the research has started. I have explored research experience to find my passion in which field it lies. After my two successful internships in India I realized that I am interested in both Biology and engineering of devices. With the help of my academics and internships I came know that how the engineered devices can be helpful in diagnosis and treating the diseases effectively than conventional methods. This lead to the passion or drive for PhD. I like travelling and meeting new people from around the world.

PhD project

On my way to search of this overarching theme I found this program at IBEC. Marie Skłodowska-Curie project "EVIDENCE" within the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. EVIDENCE is the exploration of the properties and behaviour of RBCs under flow conditions and in vivo to understand pathophysiology and to design novel diagnostic devices.

My work in this project involves these objectives.Design and fabricate a functional microfluidic platform for creating 3D in vitro model of spleen (spleen-on-chip)Use the platform for a better understanding of spleen filtration function. Use the in-vitro platform for evaluation of RBC's mechanical properties (healthy / disease) and for modelling hereditary Rare Anaemias progression. To accomplish these objectives I will be training in different types of new techniques of microdevice fabrication and cell culture and blood handling. It is a project which involves fifteen ESR in which I get get work with some of the ESR that helps me in learning and meeting new people, This work is presented in the international conference, seminars and also has the opportunity to publish the work. This helps me in improving my communication skills, presentation skills and enhance my network.

This project is carried out in the IBEC which is located in the Beautiful city Barcelona. IBEC ensures equality of access to professional development opportunities irrespective of employment status, length at IBEC or other factors. The IBEC's yearly training catalogue offers a wide range of training in technical and transferable skills. It also provides Stimulating, interdisciplinary research and high-quality international scientific environment. The Induction programme to facilitate incorporation at IBEC and additional support is provided for foreigner students like me to install in Barcelona.


Under the direct guidance of the supervisor and Principal investigator and other members of the Nanobioengineering group I will actively participate in the development of these research areas through the organisation of seminars, discussions and other occasions in which  knowledge exchange will be possible. This project will allow me to complement and complete my postdoctoral career within the specific fields of Bio-medicine and Nanotechnology. Given my academic background in nanotechnology this fellowship will enhance my research skills and capabilities to the desired level of professional maturity and allow me to be recognized at an international level.

I will be more thankful to the EVIDENCE, MSCA-ITN and IBEC which will fulfill my all desires and goals to accomplish and helps me improve myself professionally and personally by the end of this project.This is one of the best fellowship one can go for to finish their PhD successfully.