Mariam Dynar


My name is Mariam DYNAR (ESR8), I'm 26 years old and I'm from MOROCCO.

I got my Master's degree of Science in computer physics from Mohamed V university in Rabat, Morocco. I am currently a PhD student at the University of Grenoble Alpes, Laboratoire interdisciplinaire de physique under the direction of Dr. Chaouqi Misbah. I have been a member in the EVIDENCE network since December 2020.
My PhD project is about " Red blood cells and embolism simulation, and use of classical and quantum artificial intelligence techniques for classification, detection and localization tasks for blood agregates and embolisms".


At the beginning of December 2021, I completed the first year of the Evidence program. It was a great opportunity to meet well-known scientists in my research field as well as a chance to attend regular seminars on different topics related to my main subject. This program had provided a good environment to exchange information and ideas, and have an open access to knowledge and techniques (needed experimental techniques).

The possibility of obtaining training within the network of the program as well as having courses in our field or the necessary tools leads to a good progression of our thesis. The program network is made up of a large group of experienced researchers, particularly in the field of red blood cells (experimental and simulation), which is a good advantage for PhD students to learn from them whether on the subject side or on the research side how to become a good researcher in the field in the future.

A monthly student meeting is organized, where two students present their work progress, this meeting a time to exchange ideas, and ask for help if needed. This relationship between students, is very important because it allows us to express ourselves more freely, to be more  confident and open to any remarks without being stressed. all these qualities are very important to develop a researcher's personnality and dialy growth.

I'm the ESR 8 and my project is divided into two main parts. The first part is about developing and testing a model system (Simulation) in three dimensions with full ingredients of red blood Cells and adhesion (specific and non-specific). The aim of the second part is to develop theoretical and experimental in-vitro models of diseased cells. The objective of my work is to understand the
interaction between red blood cells and their impact on blood flow properties under physiological and pathological cases. Integrating Evidence program was for me good chance, I learned to structure a project and to work on a limited time, how to work with several partners for the same final objective. I am more confident about my skills and how I can contribute to the development, improvement or advancement of research , Moreover, I'll be able to do a secondment which is a good opportunity to work with another team in another environment and maybe in another country. Finally, I am glad to be part of Evidence team with whom i share my discoveries and relevant