A consortium of 16 partners representing academic research centres, diagnostic labs, blood supply centres, and small industries has teamed up to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools for red blood cells (RBC) research.

We are currently hiring a further ESR. Details are in the NEWS Section.

EVIDENCE will educate a team of selected early stage researchers (ESR) in doing science, and engage them in multidisciplinary work comprising five main topics.

The ESRs  have the chance to spend 3 years in a foreign country as they can only be employed in a state different from the state they lived and worked in for more than 12 months during the past 3 years. Secondments of at least 2 months will be performed with one or more partner groups. Training sessions will introduce the ESRs to novel state-of-art experimental techniques, newest updates in science and medicine, and provide information needed for successful carrier developments in research, medicine or industry in the future.